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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  October 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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visin kris cap.or >> this teacher sent 10 different naked photos of himself to a student. tonight he's out of a job. >> it was joseph zuniga first year full time at the high school. he taught english to students who don't speak the language but police say he targeted one of his 17 year old students with graphic photos of himself. >> the teacher had the student to be friends on facebook a year ago. in 2014, the student got graphic images from the teacher. >> the 22-year-old teacher followed up with another facebook message just over a month ago sending the same 10 photos. the student never responded but word spread through the school that the student had inappropriate pictures of the
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officer went to detectives who launched an investigation. >> teachers are put into a position of trust and it's sick to hear allegations like this. it's good that no one was hurt. >> that teacher will be spending the night in jail. he faces judge tomorrow which also happens to be his 23rd birthday. live in southbridge, john atwater, wcvb. >> also breaking, police are calling this a house of horrors. several dead dogs, feces cover the floors of this home. animal cruelty charges. charges. the cats have been taken to an animal rescue league to recover. >> chism accused of holdings up his own trial referring to enter the courtroom. >> it's part of the debate over whether the teen is competent to stand trial for the killing of his teacher.
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more from salem. pam? pam: he told a courtside psychologist he wants someone to shoot him. he doesn't trust his lawyers and he doesn't understand the proceedings. >> court is now in session. pam: this is where he spent the court session behind this window with just enough room left to listen. a court psychologist says he's suicidal, does not trust his attorney and hears voices. >> he said he was not talking to me, to somebody else. when i asked who he was, he says he doesn't want me to tell you. pam: they have asked for a competency that could lead up to 20 days in the hospital. >> everything that has happened for the last 24 hours is not real. it's fake. pam: the legal analyst says the court is taking right steps. pam: the judge will look at whether this is a real lack of confidence and he'll look at factual issues in terms of the defendant's ability
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with his attorney. pam: jury selection was charged. he's charged with murder in the october 2013 killing of teacher colleen ritzer. >> if there is a need, there is a need. and there is nothing that can be done about it because competency has to be addressed thoroughly and carefully. pam: the judge says he wants to hold an ex- pedited hearing. it's likely that testimony won't begin in the case until the middle of next week. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> parishioners of a closed catholic church in scituate have lost an appeal ordering them to end their 11-year 24-seven vigil. affirming a judge's ruling that parishioners at the church are trespassing on property owned by the archdiocese of boston. they have occupied the church since it closed in 2004.
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>> today it ended up being halfway decent. we had sunshine this morning, clouds come in this afternoon and you see how they are starting to thin out. we've got a cold front coming through, a weak one, but the temperatures tomorrow are a little cooler lashlgs cooler each day until we get to the weekend with high temperatures only in the upper 40s. rather busy today. you can see it out of the west at 15 to 16 miles per hour. high temperature today of 68. six degrees above average. we've gotten used to these warm temperatures which means when we start getting to average or below average it will feel a whole lot colder to us than it would typically in of course, overnight tonight, boston will drop down to 45 but a lot of the suburbs and areas to the west will be dropping into the upper 30s tonight and that's just the beginning of the cooler temperatures that we're talking about. tomorrow, though, you get lots of sunshine. it warms up. not as warm
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start to talk about some of the coldest air of the season moving in. the timeline and what kind of numbers you can expect, all of that in a few minutes. >> plymouth police are investigating a deadly accident. a 62-year-old man was struck by an elderly woman trying to parallel park. it happened this morning on water street. the victim was flown to the hospital where he later died. so far, no charges have been filed against that driver. >> police tonight are investigating malt car crash in middleton that happened this morning on route 14. investigators say a car crossed over the center line, hit a box truck sending it flipping over. no word on the condition of the driver. the crash did cause significant traffic back-up during this morning's commute. the case of the doomed cargo ship is quickly moving into the courts. heather? >> it's a $1 million suit that's been filed against the owner and captain. it was filed by the family of jordan. he was among the 33 men and women including three
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when that ship lost power and sank as drifted into the path of hurricane with a keen. the family says they are after more than just money. >> justice, not just money, they want to get to the bottom. they don't want this shoved under the rug and it won't be. >> recovery crews have yet to find the data recorder which is some three miles deep with the rest of the ship's wreckage. there has been no comment yet from the defendants. >> commitment 2016, the first democratic debate is in the books and many analysts say hillary clinton is the winner. newscenter 5 explains the much needed positive news for the clinton campaign. >> analysts say with the private email controversy and the rise of bernie sanders hillary clinton needed a strong debate and they say she delivered. >> i'm running because i have a lifetime of experience and getting results. >> political analysts say hillary clinton outperformed her
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in the first democratic debate of the season. >> you may not love her but she's pretty good at speaking up for herself. >> her biggest challenger for the nomination, bernie sanders. >> the american people are sick and tired about hearing about your damn email. >> me, too. >> while the two agreed on some issues he criticized sanders for supporting legislation that gives gun manufacturers immunity from lawsuits. >> i vote against it. i was in the senate at the same time. it wasn't that complicated to me. >> the three others mid a case for their campaigns but analysts say jim webb, martin o'malley and chasecy did little to leave their mark. >> their performances were, i think, very much overshadowed by the dynamic between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> while joe biden is considered run, some have missed the right opportunity to enter the race. >> hillary clinton's performance last night hurts biden's prospects. >> today the vice president told
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reporters he thought the candidates did well last night. he's proud of them. he said nothing about when he plans to announce his decision. washington. >> there is breaking news out of gillette stadium. a key member of the patriots offensive line, the left tackler, is out for the season. that's a big blow heading into the deflate gate bowl. what happened? >> it's a torn right biceps muscle. he'll have surgery on that muscle and he'll miss the remainder of the season. he plays left tackle which means he protects tom brady's blind side. the injury happened on sunday. a half in which brady was sacked five times. he was replaced at left tackle. after the injury he'll most likely move into the slot permanently. meanwhile, some reporters who might a gps to find the stadium are trying to get brady to say something inflammatory about this week's match. forget about it. >> like i said, they are a very
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good team and it's a challenge to play them on the road. we've been there a few times. they have got a good team. they have won three straight. slight be a tough game and hopefully we're at our best. thank you, guys. >> once again, a very short tom brady. if tom braid yeay's four-game suspension was upheld this would have been his return game. now it's his revenge game. >> thanks. breaking news. we have crews reporting that they are working on a gas line fire that's happening. they came upon -- crews came upon a replacement project and saw gas escaping, which prompted that fire to develop. now, crew got out safely. 29 customers, just 29, presently without power, until the main can be refired. a spokesperson for the gas company said he was not aware of evacuations. this is near medfield high school.
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i believe, have been canceled. >> out of an abundance of caution. >> we'll keep monitoring what's happening. a gas line break that happened there. >> a search for answers after a plane crash interests a mobile home park. >> two people were killed. still to come, investigation into what caused that plane to plunge down from the sky. >> a new york couple arrested charged with beating their teenage son to death. the new detail about the crime. >> a life sentence without payroll parole. a man who is convicted of killing his grandmother learns his fate. >> a man arrested for igniting a fire in wal-mart. >> take a live look. traffic leading town. the headlights are on. the light of day is beginning to diminish a little. we've updated the timeline. slow.
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tolls, 21 minutes, 93 to newton corner, further west, western toll to 495 will take you about 23 minutes. the north side of 495 is good. south side is a little slower. the turnpike at 290
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>> right now word that former nba star lamar odom is improving in the hospital. the reverend jesse jackson says he's on life support but doctors think he's doing better after being totally responsive yesterday. he was found unconscious
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ranch brothel. he won two world titles with the university of rhode island. >> a horrific and bizarre crime in central new york. parents are accused in the brutal beating death of their teenage son and their other son is clinging to life. it happened inside of a church and was part of a cancelling session. >> a disturbing case inside a church where a child was beaton death of his own parents. he was charged with manslaughter after the 19-year-old son was brought to the hospital with injuries, so severe, doctors at first thought he had been shot. the teen was pronounced dead. the swat team then surrounded the word of life christian church in new hartford, new york, officers going inside and after hou of searching, they found his 17-year-old brother, christopher, also badly beaten but alive.
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according to police, two were assaulted the night before during what church members described as a counseling session. >> both brothers were continually subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours. in hopes that each would confess to prior sins and ask for forgiveness. >> four other church members arrested charged in the attack that led christopher leonard hospitalized in serious condition. seven children inside that church were taken into protective custody. >> i'm very sad for everybody because there are many rumors and i don't know what to believe. >> in court the couple pled not guilty and is being held tonight on $100,000 bail the victim's sisters is among the other church members charged in the assault. >> take a look at the top of your screen. that's a fall plane coming in for a deadly crash landing in florida. two people were killed. the pilot and a woman inside the mobile home that that plane crashed into. there you can see the aftermath. it ignited a huge fireball visible for blocks. accident investigators are in
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the orlando area collecting evidence. >> we've pulling all of the 911 tapes and i have received a list of the sheriff's department of all of the witnesses. i have not spoken to them yet. that will probably be after the on-seen. i'll call them personally and find out what exactly they heard. >> time lot was completing a round trip to orlando did not make any emergency radio calls. >> new at 5:00 the justice department has announced a new domestic terrorism council that will serve as the main point of contact for attorney offices nationwide. they will work to identify trends that can be used to ship a national strategy. >> you know what? at this time of year, the city is just gorgeous. >> it's exceptionally nice at this time of year. the cool weather is refreshing. so nice. but, you know what?
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we're going to pay for. this notice temperatures, upper 60s and low 70s. monday it was 76 degrees. we're only supposed to be in the low 60s so the month right now is running pretty close to average but you forget that the first few days of this month were extremely cool out there and when we push temperatures down to where they are supposed to be or slightly below, it's a big temperature change for us but it's closer to where we're 66. the winds have been busy out of the west at 15. humidity is very low, very dry conditions out there. you may have noticed a little scratchiness in your throat, dry air. here's where the temperatures are right now. most of the readings in the 60s. we've got a few upper 50s showing up. worcester at 57. south shore pretty much in the 60s as well as the cape. cooling down. what's happening is, we had sunshine this morning, then we had clouds. now you can see how they are thinning out just a little bit over the last hour. we've got a weak cold front passing through. it's pretty hard to find but we know that behind it, we've got cooler air and along with it, typically you find some showers.
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we're not really seeing anythingra? sprinkle here or there. that's all i saw on the radar all day. so mostly clear. it will be chilly. 38 in the suburbs to 46 degrees downtown. northwesterly winds will settle down a little bit at five to 10. tomorrow, sunny day. there will be a few clouds in the afternoon. less than we saw today so more sunshine tomorrow than we had today but notice the temperatures dropping down. 58 to 64. southwesterly wind moves in. high temperatures tomorrow will look like this. a few places will be in the upper 50s but most of us will manage to get high temperatures in the 60s. by the way, this is our futurecast for tomorrow. this is 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. watch what happens during the day. nothing. absolutely nothing. there are no clouds to speak of. that's why i say tomorrow will be one of those sunny days across the area. just a little cooler. then we've got another cold front coming through. the leading edge of a new catch of cold air. it may trigger some showers as we start to talk about friday. it's looking like late friday morning and early friday afternoon but each computer run that i see one after the other, they are
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not get much rain out of this but what it will do is release some of the coldest air of the season. look very carefully. what you're looking at right here, that's actually snow showing up on our model. this will be pretty much with elevation. it will be early in the morning. could there be wet snowflakes around here? it's possible but don't worry. you won't be getting the snow shovel out on this one. i'll break it down over the next seven days. tomorrow, a delightful day. it's a little cooler than today but still very nice. on friday, i've got a chance for some showers in here but it's not much of a threat. so in the morning we'll get a few scattered showers coming through. late morning it's there. by the afternoon it's moving out. so i'm going to go with partly cloudy skies and a few hit-or-miss showers. notice what happens. saturday, it's breezy. 54 degrees. it's flat out cold on sunday morning. and i do think on monday morning it's very likely that we'll have some freezing temperatures across the area. maybe not in the city but certainly outside the city. so tender
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what you do you bring it inside, cover it or it's gone. this is a short-lived event that we're talking about in terms of how cold it will get because look what happens next week. tuesday and wednesday, we're already warming back up into the 50s and 60 s. it's just -- it just happened to fall during the weekend unfortunately. >> thanks, mike. the franklin park zoo is celebrating the birth of a rare chick. it's the first time a sun bitern chick has been born at the zoo in 20 years. i weighs 2.6 ounces and although they are not listed as a threatened or endangered species their numbers are declining due to the loss of habitat. >> sun bittern? >> i never heard of it, i had to look it up. >> on the health alert, a recall involving bagged spinach. >> they could be tainted with salmonella. >> a popular reality tv indicted for fraud. against abbey lee miller. >> at 6:00, a life
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moment for a boston air family.
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>> a british nurse treated for ebola is critically ill and back in the hospital. a 39-year-old woman by the name of pauline was first treated after returning from sierra
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leon last year, she was released from a high level isolation unit back in january but suffered a relapse last week. evidence is growing that among even those who survive mental and physical health problems can last for years. even after the virus is cleared from their bloodstream. >> doll bag spinach is be recalled. they are recalling some spinach with a used by date of october 15 you can find the information on their website at no baby spinach or any other salads are included in the recall and so far no illnesses have been reported. >> a new push to keep opioids out of the wrong hands. they have just installed a med save kiosk. now patients can drop off the unused portions of their pre-descriptions instead of storing those pills in their cabinets for an indeterminate amount of time.
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found in local police departments. first to issue a credit card that will purchase. a new account number. by 2013 -- a 2013 study found that using pins in debit card 700%. >> that's a large number. drugs. >> new at 5:30, what she replace add patient's painkiller medication with. >> a driver shot along 495.
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for a real cold snap. the time line starting at 4:30 a.m. a.m. >> three breaking stories we're following at 5:30. this is new video of a gas main fire in medfield. flames erupted as utility crews were replacingle the main. no one was hurt. this is right near the medfield high school. part of the naked is without power and you're being asked to avoid the area. >> a teacher is charged with sending 10 naked pictures of himself to a student. he was arrested today.
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he and a 17-year-old student who received the picture are facebook friends. he'll be arraigned tomorrow, his 23rd birthday. >> also breaking, these two people face animal cruelty charges for what police are calling a husband of horrors in westport. officers found two dead dogs, a dead beard dragon, the floor covered in tee sees and cats. several flee covered cats were rescued. >> we enjoyed another mild day today, mike, but changes are coming, right? >> yeah. we're going to head that way but i want to point out, we're going to rebound pretty quickly once we head to next week but first-off let's talk about the cool-down. you see winds? they have been very busy trying to usher in a new wave of cooler air the clouds are dissipating. i don't think we'll see much of a cloud cover but it's the beginning, first of many waves of cool air that will be coming in. overnight tonight you'll see lowe's dropping into the 40s along the coast. inland, temperatures dropping off into the 30s. what will be happening?
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tomorrow we'll
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